SA Senate Legislation

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2018-2019 Current Legislation
05/07/18001Student Assocation Deputy Comptroller Appointment PassU/C
09/05/18002Student Assoation Supreme Court Associate Justice Appotiment PassU/C
09/12/18003Student Assocation Board Of Finance AppointmentPassU/C
09/26/18004University Auxilary Service Board Appointment PassU/C
10/03/18005Student Assoation Committee Structure PassU/C
10/10/18006Men's Club Basketball Allocation of Funds PassU/C
10/17/18007Forensic Science Club Allocation of Funds PassU/C
10/24/18008UAlbany Equestrian Team Allocation of Funds PassU/C
10/31/18009Cyber Defense Orgnization Allocation of Funds PassU/C
11/07/18010NASHA Allocation of Funds PassU/C
11/14/18011UNA-USA Allocation of Funds PassU/C
11/28/18012ByLaws Language Amendment PassU/C
02/06/19013Perserving Adequate Spaces for Student Expression Act PassU/C
02/06/19014Mens Club Volleyball Team Supplemental Funding Line Transfer PassU/C
02/06/19015WCDB Supplemental Funding Line Transfer PassU/C
02/06/19016UNA -USA PassU/C
02/06/19017Doctors IV Hope Supplemental Funding Line TransferPassU/C
02/06/19018Society of Physics Students Supplemental Funding Line Transfer PassU/C
02/06/19019Phi Beta Sigma Sponsorship Line TransferPassU/C
02/06/19020201 Section Update PassU/C
02/06/19021Reform to Appropriations Committee Membership RequirmentsPassU/C
02/06/19022Roll Call Attendance Reform PassU/C
02/06/190232018-2019 Committee Assignment IIPassU/C
02/06/19024Elections Commission Nomination PassU/C
02/06/19025Execused Absence Cap II PassU/C
02/06/19026Winter Weather Condition Resolution PassU/C
02/06/19027Director of Health and Sustainabilty Nomination PassU/C
02/06/19028International Student Senators PassU/C
02/13/19028Executive Conference Propsal PassU/C
02/13/19029N.A.A.C.P Supplemental Funding Line Transfer PassU/C
02/13/19030Haitian Student Association Supplemental Line TransferPassU/C
02/13/1903110% Reduction Fee on Appropriations Requests PassU/C
02/13/19032Addition to Responsibilties of the Appropriations Committee PassU/C
02/13/19033Correction of Grammar of 201.1.2 PassU/C
02/13/19034Removal of Graduate Students from Undergraduate Orgnization Executive Board PassU/C
02/13/19035Resolution to Improve campus accessibilty PassU/C
02/13/19036Accessiable Period Product Act PassU/C
02/28/19037Appropriations Funding College PassU/C
02/28/19038Appropriations Funding Phi Alpha Delta PassU/C
02/28/19039Timelines for Spring 2018 General Election II PassU/C
03/06/19040Bylaw Language Update V PassU/C
03/06/19041Vice-Chair Election Succession PassU/C
03/06/190422018-2019 Committe Assignment IV PassU/C
03/06/19043Resolution for Additonal Bluelight TelephonePassU/C
03/06/19044Resolution for Squat Rack Mirrorsat Colonial and Indian Quad PassU/C
03/06/19045Student Counselor Nomination PassU/C
03/06/19046Counselor to Student Association NominationPassU/C
03/06/19047Appropriations Funding Womens Club Volleyball PassU/C
03/06/19048Appropriations Funding Fashion Association of Collegiate EntrepreneursPassU/C
03/06/19049Appropriations Funding Deception PassU/C
03/06/19050Appropriations Funding M.A.P.S. PassU/C
03/06/19051Appropriations Funding Project Inspire PassU/C
03/06/19052Appropriations Funding Mock Trial PassU/C
03/06/19053Appropriations Funding J.A.M.S.A PassU/C
03/06/19054Plastic Straw Replacment Act PassU/C
03/06/19055Appropriations Funding A.L.P.F.A PassU/C
03/13/19056Appropriations Funding Pan Caribbean PassU/C
03/13/19057Appropriations Funding Shabbos House L'Chaim PassU/C
03/13/19058Office Supplies Allocation TransferPassU/C
03/13/19059215 Grammar Update PassU/C
04/03/19060Appropriations Venue Funding Bylaw UpdatePassU/C
04/03/19061Appropriations Host Funding Bylaw UpdatePassU/C
04/05/19062 SUNY STARS Reporting IntiativePassU/C
04/05/19063The Period Act_ Free & Equal Access to Menstrual ProductsPassU/C
04/05/19064Plastic Action for Commitment to Sustainability ActPassU/C
04/05/19065The Social Justice Act Implementation of Body Cameras for Campus University PolicePassU/C
04/05/19066 Childcare RecommendationPassU/C

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