SA Senate Documents

Documents from older sessions are archived on SkyDrive due to web space constraints. For instructions on accessing these documents, click here.

2013-2014 Current Legislation
5/1/13001Presidential Signatory PowersPassU/C
5/1/13002Vice Presidential Signatory PowersPassU/C
5/1/13003Comptroller Apppointment/Signatory PowersPassU/C
5/1/13004Deputy Comptroller - MogelPassU/C
5/1/13005Deputy Comptroller - DeAngeloPassU/C
5/1/13006Chief of Staff - StantonPass24-4-2
5/1/13007Chief Justice - BogilPassU/C
5/1/13008Student Counselor - MorrisPassU/C
5/1/13009Student Advocate - TorresPassU/C
5/1/13010Director of Programming - CrumpPassU/C
5/1/13011Director of Marketing - ValentinePassU/C
5/1/13012Director of Gender and Sexuality Concerns - SuarezPassU/C
5/1/13013Director of Legislative Affairs - CohenPassU/C
5/1/13014Director of Academic Affairs - EllisPassU/C
5/1/13015Director of Community Engagement and Outreach - BarrieFail7-19-8
5/1/13016Director of Student Group Affairs - ThomasPassU/C
5/1/13017Director of Multicultural AffairsPassU/C
5/1/13018Director of Dippikill Outreach - KleinPassU/C
8/28/13019Elections Commission - BrownPassU/C
8/28/13020Elections Commission - GrimesPassU/C
8/28/13021Elections Commission - StricoffPassU/C
8/28/13022UAS Board - ButlerPass13-0-2
8/28/13023UAS Board - StantonPassU/C
8/28/13024Director of Community Engagement and Outreach - AvellinoPassU/C
8/28/13025Election DatesPass14-0-3
9/18/13026Board of Finance - CattPassVoice
9/18/13027Board of Finance - TurnerPassU/C
9/25/13028Associate Justice - BrownPassU/C
9/25/13029Associate Justice - KolluePassU/C
9/25/13030Associate Justice - LaMountainPassU/C
9/25/13031Associate Justice - SolimenoPassU/C
9/25/13032Associate Justice - MartinezPassU/C
9/25/13033Committee StructurePass30-5-3
9/25/13034Board of Finance - KrushPassU/C
9/25/13035Board of Finance - RookPassU/C
9/25/13036Board of Finance - LongoPassU/C
9/25/13037Board of Finance - EngwerPass40-1-1
10/2/13038Student Group Attendance ActPass26-6-3
10/2/13039Appropriations - UAlbany Outdoor ClubPassU/C
10/2/13040Appropriations - UAlbany Peace ActionPassU/C
10/9/13041Appropriations - UAlbany Red CrossPass36-0-1
10/9/13042Appropriations - Stadium DonationPass23-11-4
10/9/13043Comptroller - StantonPass32-0-7
10/16/13044Appropriations - UAlbany Men's Soccer ClubPass34-3-4
10/16/13045Appropriations - UAlbany Middle EarthPass19-6-15
10/16/13046Appropriations - UAlbany Pitch PleasePassU/C
10/16/13047Stipend - Student AdvocatePass31-7-3
10/16/13048Chief of Staff - CohenPass37-2-3
10/23/13049Veterans In-State TuitionPassU/C
10/23/13050Reformed Student Group Attendance ActPass26-4-4
10/23/13051Appropriations - African Student AssociationPass22-6-7
10/23/13052Appropriations - UAlbany Association of Computer MachineryPassU/C
10/23/13053Appropriations - UAlbany Multicultural Rainbow GroupPassU/C
10/23/13054Appropriations - Orthodox Christian Student AssociationPassU/C
10/23/13055Appropriations - UAlbany VOXPass31-2-3
10/23/13056Stipend - Secretary of Senate PaymentPassU/C
10/30/13057Appropriations - UAlbany Club Field HockeyPassU/C
11/6/13058Student Group Policy Reform ActPass34-0-1
11/6/13059Director of Legislative Affairs - TurnerPass34-0-1
11/13/13060Appropriations - New and UnfundedPass28-1-3
11/13/13061Appropriations - UAlbany SWAPPassU/C
11/13/13062Appropriations - SA Academic Affairs DepartmentPass29-1-2
11/13/13063Appropriations - College DemocratsPass18-3-11
11/13/13064Appropriations - Korean Christian FellowshipPass27-2-3
11/20/13065Appropriations - Earth TonesPass25-0-6
11/20/13066Appropriations - Albany Running ExchangePassVoice Vote
11/20/13067Appropriations - Model EUPassU/C
11/20/13068Overspending Waiver - Model EUPass20-9-4
11/20/13069Appropriations - Young Americans for LibertyPassU/C
11/20/13070Appropriations - Autism SpeaksPassU/C
12/10/13071Spring Concert AllocationPass24-1-1
12/10/13072Senate EquipmentPass23-0-2
1/22/14073Special Senate Election DatesPassVoice Vote
2/12/13074Appropriations - Pitch PleasePassU/C
2/12/13075National Association of Students for StudentsPassU/C
2/12/13076Appropriations - College RepublicansPass21-1-8
2/12/13077Appropriations - Precisun Dance TeamPass25-4-1
2/12/13078Appropriations - UAlbany Outdoor ClubPassU/C
2/12/13079Appropriations - Young Americans for LibertyPassU/C
2/12/13080Appropriations - UAlbany Soccer ClubPassU/C
2/12/13081Appropriations - Under Construction Dance TeamPassU/C
2/12/13082Appropriations - ATVPass24-2-1
2/26/14083Spring Election DatesPassU/C
2/26/14084Remove Irrelevant Reference ActPassU/C
2/26/14085Chief Justice - EngwerPassU/C
2/26/14086Associate Justice - SkovronPassU/C
2/26/14087Supreme Court Secretary - CushmanPassU/C
2/26/14088Director of Multicultural Affairs - RobertsPassU/C
2/26/14089Contract Policy RevisionPassU/C
2/26/14090Appropriations - Dippikill ProgrammingPass37-0-1
2/26/14091Committee StructurePassU/C
2/26/14092RCampus Life Fee ResolutionPass22-9-6
2/26/14093RCourse Fee ResolutionPassU/C
2/26/14094Consitutional ConventionPassU/C
3/5/14095Appropriations - Interfaith Student GroupPassU/C
3/5/14096Appropriations - UA Astronomical SocietyPassU/C
3/5/14097Appropriations- Association of Computing Machinery PassU/C
3/5/14098Appropriations - Fashion Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs PassU/C
3/5/14099Appropriations - UA BowlingPassU/C
3/5/14100Appropriations: Haitian Student AssociationPass22-1-5
3/5/14101Dippikill Leadership RetreatPass26-0-2
3/5/14102Reserves Transfer: Student Association Scholarship Initiative Pass22-1-5
3/5/14103Summer Operating Transfer: Presidential Discretionary Line Pass16-1-11
3/5/14104Board of Finance - De La CruzPassU/C
3/5/14105Independent Elections ActPass
3/5/14106Fundraising Preservation ActPassU/C
4/2/14107Appropriations - International Korean Association Pass28-0-1
4/2/14108Appropriations - International Service Learning Pass28-0-1
4/2/14109Appropriations - Korean Christian Fellowship Pass28-0-1
4/2/14110Appropriations - Swipe With A Purpose Pass28-0-1
4/2/14111Appropriations - The Inklings Pass28-0-1
4/2/14112Appropriations - UA Peace Action Pass28-0-1
4/2/14113Appropriations - MAPS Pass28-0-1
4/2/14114Appropriations - Autism Speaks PassVoice Vote
4/2/14115Appropriations - Purple and Gold Awards Pass29-0-1
4/2/14116Appropriations - Great Dane Wrestling Pass28-0-1
4/2/14117Appropriations - Model UN Pass21-4-5
4/2/14118Appropriations - Five Quad Pass29-0-2
4/2/14119Appropriations - FACE Fashion Show Rescinded. . .
4/2/14120Overspending Waiver - FACE Pass22-4-4
4/2/14121Reserves Transfer- Supplemental Allocations Pass28-0-1
4/2/14122Appropriations - WCDB Pass27-0-1
4/2/14123Appropriations - Women's Rugby Pass28-0-1
4/2/14124Appropriations - African Student Association Fail9-11-9
4/9/14125Appropriations - Women's Lacrosse Club PassU/C
4/9/14126Appropriations - NAACP PassVoice Vote
4/9/14127Appropriations - Project INSPIRE Pass27-0-5
4/9/14128Appropriations - Fuerza Latina Pass29-0-4
4/9/14129RSeawimps Resolutions PassVoice Vote
4/16/14130RWrestling Room Resolution PassU/C
4/16/14131Appropriations - Bioethics TeamPassU/C
4/9/14132Appropriations - Doctors for HopePass25-0-3
4/23/14133Appropriations - SCAM Ultimate FrisbeePassU/C
4/23/14134Appropriations - Sankofa AfricaPassU/C
4/23/14135Student Association Event Ticket SalesFail16-14-1
4/9/14136Appropriations - UAlbany Stock ExchangePass26-3-2
4/23/14137RBoard of Finance CensurePass12-9-5
4/23/14138Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget VotePass24-1-0
4/30/14139RBob Ford ResolutionPass
4/30/14140RJohn MurphyPassU/C
4/30/14141RPatrick Hill ResolutionPassU/C
4/30/14142Board of Finance Must Do Something BillPassU/C
4/30/14143Board of Finance - MarkiselloPassU/C
4/30/14144Elections Commission - RajpersaudPassU/C
4/30/14145Elections Commission - ScheiblingPassU/C
4/30/14146Elections Commission - DoylePassU/C
4/30/14147Elections Commission - PettitPassU/C
4/30/14148Executive Board Structure--
4/30/14149RZero Energy ResolutionPassU/C
4/30/14150Comptroller Appointment - RinefierdFail9-13-5