University at Albany

Impacted by Sandy?

Resources for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Academic Support:

Our faculty and staff are sensitive to the needs and situations of our students affected by the Hurricane. Students are asked to communicate directly with their instructors regarding their situations and concerns regarding their course obligations and faculty are encouraged to be responsive to these concerns. Should you have any questions, please contact Undergraduate Education at 518-442-3950 or Graduate Studies at 518-442-3980.

Financial Advice:

Should students have questions or need assistance regarding their Student Financial Service needs (e.g. Financial Aid, Billing and Account Maintenance), please contact the Student Financial Center at 518-442-3231 or by email and staff will assist you in addressing the challenges associated with this storm.


Services are available to assist students in addressing the distress and potential trauma when family, friends and home communities are affected by a hurricane. For information about coping with natural disasters and further information about services please visit the University Counseling Center  or for an appointment call 518-442-5800. The Interfaith Center also provides space for reflection and prayer during this difficult time.

Contact Us:

We encourage you to reach out to your instructors, University staff and your peers for assistance. Should you have any questions, please email us here.