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Christopher Morett, MPP ’05, PhD ’05
University Director, Office of Scheduling and Space Management
Rutgers University

Because of Rockefeller College I became smarter, or at least wiser and more capable.  Rarely does too much time go by before I explicitly remember and utilize a lesson or experience from my days at Rockefeller.  It's not only a benefit to whatever project I am working on at the time but also a nice way to stroll down memory lane.  We had some great times on the downtown campus.

What impact has higher education had on your life?

It has helped ensure that I am thoughtful, tentative in the conclusions I draw, creative in applying nuanced and non-obvious answers to problems. At least, that is what I would like to think. It also exposed me to a diversity of experiences in that it put me in the company of others who were different in so many ways, but also -- importantly -- that the courses, conversations, projects, and debates meant that these differences were visible and were brought to bear in the conversation, and that we refined our points of view. Some of our beliefs and experiences were affirmed or accentuated, while others were changed. But I know I came out different, and better, than how I went in.  

What does Rockefeller College mean to you?

A great education, both theoretical and practical. So much fun in the classroom, with great faculty discussing vital and timely topics. Wonderful classmates--a real community and togetherness. They were really some of the best days of my life, and I remain in touch with a lot of those people and I hope to meet up again with the ones who I haven't seen in a while.

Why is giving back to the College an important priority for you, given that there is so much competition for philanthropic support from different organizations?

Higher Ed is in a state of a lot of flux, and there are definitely some changes that should happen. But, it remains a pretty powerful and effective way to help solve society's problems, advance individual well-being and -- as the 2016 election reminds us -- is one of the ways we can try to ward off some of the pathologies that seem to be increasingly plaguing our political system and civic discourse.

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