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Robert Fiato, MPA '09
Unit Head, NYC Office of Management and Budget

What does Rockefeller College mean to you?

Rockefeller College provided the foundation for my career in public service. The curriculum is very much focused on strategic thinking and real-world scenarios, which prepared me well to acclimate quickly in the public sector. The professors and support staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and truly strive to make the experience count. Moreover the Rockefeller image is a known and respected commodity in government throughout the Northeast.

What motivates you to give to Rockefeller College and the University at Albany?

I am more than happy to support Rockefeller and University at Albany in any way that I can. I recognize that the school has limited resources, and every dollar counts. As a student I saw first-hand that the College utilizes its resources wisely. I want to do my part to ensure that the next generation of public sector leaders is educated in a productive and comprehensive program.

Why is giving back to the College an important priority for you, given that there is so much competition for philanthropic support from different organizations?

Quite simply I owe my career to the education and experience I gained at Rockefeller. My MPA from University at Albany has positioned me for opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable.

What would you say to a fellow alumnus who may be 'on the fence' with respect to supporting a State school?

I strongly encourage financial giving to public higher education institutions. They have to deliver a quality product in a much more resource-constrained context compared to private colleges and universities. Thus it is remarkable that Rockefeller in particular is one of the nation's top public policy schools, and absolutely makes it worthy of strong support.

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