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American Politics

The American Politics field at the University at Albany is the largest in the department and provides coverage of American political life in all of its many dimensions. Our courses fall into three broad areas. Offerings in national institutions examine Congress, the Presidency, and Political Parties.

The study of sub-national governance explores federalism, state politics, urban politics, and community politics. Courses on mass behavior include electoral politics, political behavior, women and politics, and race and politics. In addition, a seminar on American Political Development employs a historical approach to examine the interrelationships of all three of the above. Faculty members in the American Politics field are methodologically diverse, with survey research, elite interviews, interpretive discourse analysis, and historical archival research represented. Students that make American politics their primary field are taught both quantitative and qualitative methods and encouraged to follow a multi-method approach in their own research.

Study Under Distinguished Faculty Experts

Bruce Miroff Jose Cruz Sally Friedman
Bruce Miroff José Cruz Sally Friedman
Anne Hildreth Michael J. Malbin
Anne Hildreth Michael J. Malbin
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