University at Albany

Q & A With Zamira Akchurina, MPA ‘10
Senior Associate at KPMG LLP

Why did you choose Rockefeller?

Zamira: I always knew I wanted to study government, so a Master of Public Administration was perfect for me. At the time I was doing a lot of research and Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy came up as one of the few in the country that had an appealing combination of quality and cost. Faculty at Rockefeller seemed very esteemed in public affairs and I read many positive testimonies from students that made me settle on this graduate program. In addition, it made a lot of sense to be getting a degree in Public Administration in the state capital.

What about working in policy analytic field inspires/excites you?

Zamira: To me, it is about performing the analysis, getting to the root cause of the problem, and solving it. Lifting the veil of the unknown for our clients is always a great experience and needless to say, they value it the most. Also, thanks to the nature of my job, every project has different scope of work. The variety of analyses allows me to apply my knowledge and also learn a lot more about our government. 

If you had to condense your job description into an elevator pitch, how would it read?

Zamira: My job is to help our government clients understand their knowledge and function gaps and then guide them in the process of filling those gaps in.

How did Rockefeller College prepare you for your career?

Zamira: In my opinion Rockefeller College did a great job at grooming me for the jobs I had after graduation. I would especially like to make an honorable mention to a great opportunity I had to intern at the Business Council of NYS, Inc. that led to my job at the State Senate, and consequently, at KPMG.  

What’s your favorite Rockefeller memory?

Zamira: Meeting other students from different parts of the world who were interested in government affairs as much as I was. Working on school projects while making lifetime friends and connections had a special place in my mind.