Above: Spring 2016 Semester in Washington students in Statuary Hall with Congressman Lee Zeldin BA ’01 (R-NY-1).

Apply to the Semester in Washington Program

Students with a junior or senior standing are eligible to apply for the program. Applicants must have taken a course in American government or a related field. Students from all majors are welcome to apply.

University at Albany students who are interested in applying for the program have the opportunity to request enrollment in either the fall or spring semester of an academic year.   Early applications are accepted in the spring or fall one year from the start of the program.  Applications and interviews are completed prior to pre-registration. 

Students who are interested in applying must submit the following:

  • Application Cover Sheet
  • A current resume
  • A short statement explaining why you want to participate in this program, and what you hope to accomplish. Applicants must include at least three internships in D.C. or the surrounding area that interest them and explain why. If you are interested in a scholarship, please indicate in your statement why you are deserving of a scholarship. 
  •  A copy of a paper you have completed in any class that best reflects your research and writing skills

All documents must be submitted electronically through the job posting that is listed on Handshake by 11:59 EDT of the designated due date.

  • Fall Semester in Washington Program – Applications due by October 1

  • Spring Semester in Washington Program – Applications due by March 1

For more information contact:
Professor Anne Hildreth, Associate Dean and Professor of Political Science, ahildreth@albany.edu

Zakhar Berkovich, Director of Undergraduate Student Services, zberkovich@albany.edu

Or call (518) 442-3112

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