University at Albany

Q & A with Jacob Sherretts, BA'13

If you had to condense your job description into an elevator pitch, how would it read?

Jacob: Basically my job is to ensure that Assemblyman Weprin's legislation has as great a chance as possible at becoming law.  I do this mainly by coordinating with committee staff, advocacy groups and the media.  Committee staff will find potential problems and, if necessary, I will work with the Assemblyman on making amendments to the bill that will address those issues.  Even if the bill does not have problems in committee, it still may need some additional support to make it to the Assembly floor for a vote.  If this is the case — as it usually is with some of the larger bills I work on — I will coordinate with advocacy groups to bring the bill to the attention of other members of the Assembly.  I also coordinate with these groups to host press conferences that raise public awareness about the bill. Aside from these main responsibilities, I work in managing the day-to-day operations of Assemblyman Weprin's Albany office.  Luckily for me, I have two very talented interns that I work with to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

What about your job inspires/excites you every day?

Jacob: One of my favorite aspects of this job is participating in meetings with many of the various groups that come to Albany to have their issues heard.  Even though I have lived in New York State for almost my entire life, I always learn something new at these meetings. 

How did Rockefeller College prepare you for your career?

Jacob: Rockefeller College helped me prepare for this career by providing me with all the resources and guidance I needed to obtain my position.  Although many see me as relatively young for my current title, I have had no issues successfully executing the responsibilities of my position because of the education and experience I received while at Rockefeller College. 

What is one piece of advice you would share with a current Rockefeller student?

Jacob: To any Rockefeller student who feels they are not getting the preparation they need to work in the career of their choice, I would recommend speaking with the many professors and organizations associated with the college.  In essence, the key is to get as involved as possible.  For anyone who wants to do something similar to what I do, I would definitely recommend participating in either the New York State Senate or New York State Assembly Intern Program. 

When you're not on the job, where can you be found?

Jacob: Like many of the other staffers who work in the New York State Assembly, I can be found frequenting Center Square Pub, particularly on Tuesday nights after long legislative session days.  In all seriousness though, I try to travel as much as possible and I also enjoy watching really great or really terrible movies when I am not doing something work-related.