University at Albany

Q & A with Jennifer A. Manner, BA '86

If you had to condense your job description into an elevator pitch, how would it read?

Jennifer: I'm responsible for leading the global policy and regulatory efforts of one of the largest satellite operators in the world.

What about your job inspires/excites you every day?

Jennifer: Every day is different. One day I can be negotiating an international treaty, the next drafting a pleading and the day after that meeting with a member of Congress. The topics I handle are also diverse running the gamut from determining the best strategy on entering a new market, how to get government approval for a new and innovative telecommunications service, or working with public interest groups to ensure that our telecommunications services are available to all consumers.

How did Rockefeller College prepare you for your career?

Jennifer: Rockefeller gave me a solid understanding how the domestic government works and how to best work both inside and outside the government. This was complimented with a solid understanding of the global geo-political climate and a deep understanding of how foreign governments may be structured and the role of international organizations.

What is one piece of advice you would share with a current Rockefeller student?

Jennifer: Take paper courses where you can dig into areas you are most interested in and can improve your writing. And compliment this with the ability to speak publicly, whether it's simply in class or by joining a group where you get actual speaking experience. Two of the most important skills for any graduate in any field, but especially in government affairs is good writing and speaking.

When you're not on the job, where can you be found?

Jennifer: With my husband and my golden doodle running, swimming or just being outside.