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Professional in Residence

For Professionals

The Professional in Residence program allows Rockefeller College students to engage with professionals in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors who share their expertise and insight.  Professionals participate in brown bag discussions and offer individual coaching sessions with students to provide practical advice regarding career paths.  Students may network with professionals with the hope of expanding their professional network and learning the skills they need for career success.
The Professional in Residence program is held weekly on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and features a brown bag lunch discussion where students can ask questions regarding the professional's career path or regarding their organization/industry, followed by individual meeting times with the professionals.
How long is the program?  What time should I arrive?
Ideally, you will arrive at 11:30am, and there will be a brown bag lunch discussion with students from 12:00-1:00pm.  From 1:30-5:00pm, you will meet individually with students, with a 30 minute break from 2:30-3:00pm.  The schedule is flexible, and we can accommodate the times that would work for you.  Your lunch will be provided by the College.
Where is the program located?

The program can take place on either the uptown or the downtown campus, based upon your career path and the type of students with whom you are interested in speaking.  If the primary audience is undergraduate students, the program will take place on the uptown campus in Humanities B16.  If the primary audience is graduate students the program will take place on the downtown campus in Milne 104. 
Will I be expected to make a presentation?
No.  The brown bag discussion will consist of students asking you questions about your career path, educational background, industry, and tips for career success.  During the individual meetings, students will ask more specific questions regarding their career path and ask for advice on their resume, cover letters, and interviewing.  See a list of sample brown bag questions and individual meeting questions
What types of questions will students ask?

Students will ask general questions about interviews, resumes, cover letters, networking, internships, and other professionally based questions.  They may also ask questions about your professional experience and career path.
Will I be provided with lunch?
Yes, the College will provide you with a lunch.  Upon your confirmation the staff at the Rockefeller College Office of Career Development will coordinate a lunch selection for you.

How often does the program run and when?
The program is offered weekly on either a Wednesday or Thursday, based upon the professional's availability.  In some cases, the program may not operate, if there are holidays, school closures, or other conflicting campus events.

What other information do I have to provide?
Upon confirming a date for your visit, the staff at the Rockefeller College Office of Career Development will ask you for a photograph which will be posted on the website.  Also, we will request a lunch order for you.  We will also send you information about campus directions and parking.

Is this a job interview?
NO!  The program is meant to connect students with professionals in the field to make them better prepared for the world of work after graduation.  Students should not be asking you for a job and you are strictly there to provide professional advice and answer their questions. 

What is the difference between the brown bag lunch discussion and the individual advising sessions?

The brown bag lunch discussion is an opportunity for the professional to discuss his/her career path, professional accomplishments, and share general advice.  The individual advising sessions are one-on-one opportunities for a student to ask questions of the professional that pertain to your specific situation.  See a sample list of questions to ask at the brown bag discussion and an individual advising appointment.