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Accepted Students FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions on this page are geared towards recently accepted students.

Now that I have been accepted to the program, do I need to send a deposit to reserve my spot?
Yes, the University does require a non-refundable admissions enrollment deposit of $250. In order to hold your seat in the program, you must confirm your acceptance and pay this deposit. A confirmation link will be provided in your official acceptance letter from the University's Office of Graduate Admissions; you will be able to access this letter via the Apply Yourself portal. In order to accept your offer ofadmission and pay the deposit, you must log into Apply Yourself , open your official acceptance letter and follow the confirmation and deposit link provided. Note: Non-degree students do not need to confirm their acceptance or pay the deposit.

Once I have been accepted, may I defer my enrollment?
Yes, students who have been accepted may defer enrollment for up to one year by submitting a request via the Graduate Term Change Deposit link.  There is a $20 fee associated with this request. After one year, students are required to resubmit their application materials in order to be considered for admission.

I applied for graduate study as a full-time student, but now I need to go part-time. Do I need to reapply?
No. Rockefeller College does not require reapplication to change from full-time to part-time status, or part-time to full-time status. You should, however, keep your advisor informed so he or she is aware of your situation.

If I recently graduated, and the transcript submitted with my application does not reflect the conferral of my degree, when do I need to submit proof of graduation?
You should submit proof of graduation as soon as your degree is conferred. Final transcripts should be submitted to the University's Office of Graduate Education, which is located in UAB 121.

Where is Rockefeller College located?
The Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy is located on the Downtown Campus at 135 Western Ave., Albany, NY, 12222. The Downtown Campus is not UAlbany's main campus, so if you're planning to visit make sure you're going to the right place!

When can I register for classes?
You can register any time between formal admission and the first day of classes.

How do I register for classes?
Class registration is completed through MyUAlbany. If you have not set up your MyUAlbany, or need more information about registering for classes, follow these instructions.

What is an AVN? How do I get mine?
The Advisor Verification Number (AVN) is obtained from your faculty advisor, who will guide you into the appropriate first and second semester classes and discuss your plans for graduate study at Rockefeller College. An AVN is required to register for classes, and a new one is needed each academic semester. Note: in order to obtain your AVN for your first semester in the program, you must confirm your acceptance and have paid your deposit.

Will I be required to pay for all of my courses upon completion of registration?
No; UAlbany offers e-pay, a three installment payment plan, which divides your tuition and fees evenly across the first three months of your enrollment. In order to enroll, visit My UAlbany, log in to your student portal, and visit the financial aid section. Instructions for registering for e-pay are on the right side of the financial aid section of My UAlbany.

When will classes begin?
Please consult the appropriate Academic Calendar for semester start-dates. 

Where can I purchase books for my classes?
Typically, students purchase books the week before classes begin; there are multiple outlets available in the Albany area for the purchase of textbooks. The main UAlbany campus has a bookstore which often carries the required books for your graduate courses. Another option many students choose is a local bookstore, MaryJane Books, which sells new and used textbooks and is conveniently located within walking distance of the Rockefeller College campus. Students may also choose to purchase their textbooks from and when possible.

Will I need to carry a college ID with me?
In order to access many of the on- and off-campus services available to graduate students, you will need to get a SUNY ID card upon arrival to the campus. You must first register for classes, then go to the SUNYcard office on the main UAlbany campus, Campus Center B52. Bring a valid photo ID. The SUNYcard office will take your photo and issue you a new SUNYcard. The first card is free; replacement cards are $20.

Do I need to submit my immunization records?
Yes, the University requires all students to submit immunization and health information records. The form is available on the University Health Center's website and should be returned to the University Health Center.  Note: this form does not require a physician's examination.

How do I apply for financial aid?
If you applied by the funding deadline for your program, you will be considered for assistantships and scholarship through the College. However, you may also wish to apply for assistance through the University's Office of Financial Aid. Typically, to receive financial aid, you will need to fill out a FAFSA. The FAFSA can be submitted online via; details about FAFSA filing dates can be found on the University's Office of Financial Aid website.

I am relocating to NY from out of state. What steps should I take to ensure I receive in-state tuition next year?
In order to qualify for in-state tuition during the fall of your second year, you must prove residency in August of your first year. For questions related to residency, please visit  You will find the documents needed to prove residency for the next school year, a residency application, and further information you may need to determine whether you qualify for in-state tuition.

Am I required to use the email address that UAlbany assigned to me for correspondence with the school?
Yes. All important University communications will be sent to your UAlbany account.  However, you may forward your University email to your preferred email by logging into your Webmail account, choosing "Options," and selecting "Mail Filtering."  You will add a new rule that performs an action on all incoming messages. You will be able to sign up for your program-specific listserv using any personal email account you choose.

Is on campus housing available for graduate students?
Limited on-campus housing is available for graduate students; for more information please contact the University's Department of Residential Life.

I need to find off-campus housing. What resources are available to assist me?
The University's Department of Residential Life maintains a housing registry to assist students in locating off-campus housing. The College also sends information to students about available housing via the new the new student listserv,  

Do I need a car in Albany?
No; in addition to the UAlbany Bus Fleet which provides transportation between the UAlbany campuses, your SUNYcard allows you to access all of the Capital District Transit Authority buses free of charge. In addition to the bus system, UAlbany has partnered with Zipcar to provide discounted car rental car service for faculty, staff and students. The University has also partnered with the iPool2 Carpool service. More information can be found on the University's Alternative Transportation Services website.

Are there opportunities for campus involvement while at Rockefeller?
Yes; the Public Affairs Student Association (PASA) is an active student group at Rockefeller College.  PASA hosts networking events, happy hours, outdoor activities, and fundraising events which help to foster a connection between student cohorts and faculty. We encourage all students to take an active role in this organization from the beginning of their tenure at Rockefeller. The Dean's office also hosts a number of events for students.

Who is the best person to contact if I have any questions that are not answered here?
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Admissions Team at and they will assist you.