Non-degree Programs

Non-degree study at Rockefeller College allows individuals to take public administration or political science graduate courses without being enrolled in a degree program. Successful applicants can take up to 12 credits (three courses) over a period of two years. Non-degree students may subsequently apply to the master’s, doctoral, or certificate program and, if admitted, have the coursework they successfully completed as a non-degree student applied towards the requirements of the degree.

Applying as a non-degree student may be beneficial for:
  • Mid-career professionals who are looking for additional professional development opportunities,
  • Prospective master’s or doctoral students who want to experience the graduate learning environment at Rockefeller College,
  • Individuals interested in lifelong learning who are looking for classes in public affairs and politics,
  • University employees using their union tuition waivers, and
  • Students who missed the program application deadline.


Application Requirements and Deadlines