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Trivia Challenge Brings Rockefeller Alumni and Students Together

Rockefeller College's first Alumni/Student Trivia Night was a great success. The event was held on January 23, 2015 in Husted Hall on the downtown campus. Fifteen teams consisting of alumni and students battled over three rounds of increasingly difficult play. The match culminated with a Place Your Bets Round.

Faculty and staff generated challenging but fun questions on topics related to political science, public administration and current events. Rockefeller faculty and staff welcomed over 100 attendees, some of whom came to play; others were there to cheer on their favorite team. Bragging rights go to our winners, The Blue Dogs -- Jamie Zieno, BA Class of 2015; Kayla Bogdanowicz,  BA Class of 2015; Christian Chowdhruy, BA Class of 2016; Jake Egloff, BA Class of 2016; and Cassie Orlan, Class of 2015.

View photos from the 2015 Alumni/Student Trivia Night.

Play the trivia game.