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Rockefeller College Professor Offers
Political Game-Changer

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Albany, N.Y. (April 20, 2010) - Rockefeller College Political Science Professor Udi Sommer proposes a bold and tantalizing idea in an op-ed published online in the April 20, 2010 edition of The Christian Science Monitor.

The Israeli-born professor suggests the most viable solution for bringing peace to the Middle East lies in what he sees as a political game-changer.  In Host for 2020 Olympics:  Why Not Jerusalem?, Professor Sommer lays out his rationale for an Olympics jointly hosted by the Israelis and Palestinians, and calls upon those parties and the world to cooperatively develop a viable plan for the Games that will bring a shared prosperity and  peace to the people of the troubled region.  “It is a different way of thinking about problems we're so familiar with,” says Sommer.  “It leaves you thinking, well, why not?”  Can the Olympic goal of ‘building a better world through sport’ be realized in Jerusalem in 2020?  Udi Sommer believes it can.