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Nussbaum Participates in U.S. Army War College Workshop

Brian Nussbaum

Rockefeller College Assistant Professor of Public Administration Brian Nussbaum recently took part in a workshop at the United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania focused on "cyber sovereignty" and the role that cybersecurity issues play in complicating traditional conceptions of sovereignty.

Attempts by some states to create nationalized cyberspace under government control, attempts to trace and attribute cyber attacks, attempts by activists to access content blocked by law in their home countries, and various other challenges governments face in cyberspace throw wrinkles into the traditional conception of national sovereignty, and of states abilities to exercise control over their territory.  The workshop, held to help the Army and Department of Defense understand the impacts of the cyber domain on the environment in which they operate, featured dozens of experts in cybersecurity, cyber warfare, international law, and other fields from government, the military, industry, and academia.  

The workshop was hosted by the Army War College's Center for Strategic Leadership and Development (CSLD), which conducts research and war games to analyze the strategic environment for the Army and the Department of Defense.  Professor Nussbaum previously (2012-2013) served as visiting professor of homeland defense in the Strategic War Gaming Division of CSLD. This workshop was unusual as far as these sorts of events go because a reporter was allowed to take part, and thus some of the discussions and findings of the workshop have been described publicly by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in a series of articles. 

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