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Rockefeller College Adds Faculty to Political Science and Public Administration Departments

This fall, Rockefeller College welcomed five new faculty members.  

alt Matkin
Gang Chen, PhD
David Matkin, PhD
Barta Baskin
Zsófia Barta, PhD Mark Baskin, PhD

Joining the Department of Public Administration and Policy as assistant professors are public finance experts Gang Chen, PhD and David Matkin, PhD. Dr. Chen received his doctorate in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His research interests include state and local public finance and budgeting, public sector pension management, and financial management in natural disasters. Dr. David Matkin comes to Rockefeller from Florida State University. He earned his PhD in Public Administration from the University of Kansas. Dr. Matkin's research examines multiple areas of public financial management, including internal control and accountability, debt financing, budget reform, interlocal cooperation, and economic development through state tax credits.

Three of the five new faculty members are political scientists.  Assistant Professor Zsófia Barta specializes in comparative politics, political economy and public policy research. She received her Ph.D. in European Political Economy from the European University Institute, where she also was awarded the Max Weber postdoctoral fellowship. Dr. Mark Baskin, formerly a research professor and senior associate in the Center for International Development, has accepted a one-year teaching position in the political science department. Dr. Baskin's doctoral studies were completed at the University at Michigan. His research is in the area of constituency development funds and his teaching interests include building democracy and post-conflict reconstruction.

Tao Dumas, PhD
Visiting professor Tao Dumas will be teaching two undergraduate courses in political science this semester. Dr. Dumas comes to the department from Louisiana State University, where she received her PhD in Political Science. Her research interests include trial court decision-making, litigation outcomes, and political, social and economic influences on legal decision-making and litigation outcomes.