University at Albany

Rockefeller Assistant Professor Erika G. Martin Receives Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award

Dr. Erika G. Martin

Dr. Erika Martin, assistant professor of public administration and policy at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, University at Albany, and director of Health Policy Studies for the Rockefeller Institute of Government has received a two-year career development award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to undertake a major research initiative, Testing the Usability and Fitness of Open Health Data for Studying the Relationship Between Childhood Obesity and the Built Environment.

The study aims to facilitate the release of open data that are fit for research and to make recommendations on building a community of practice oriented towards using open data to support research on critical public health issues. Specific activities will be to systematically review the usability of federal, state and local open health datasets; interview agency staff to assess their capabilities to release health data, challenges, and perceived value of releasing data to researchers; and study the association between childhood obesity and the built environment using linked open data.

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