University at Albany

Rockefeller PhD Student Honored as NASPAA Emerging Scholar

Jeongyoon Lee

Jeongyoon Lee of the University at Albany’s Rockefeller College Department of Public Administration & Policy has been named one of only four PhD students in the nation to receive the 2015 Staats Emerging Scholar Award from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), the national accrediting organization for schools of public affairs in the United States. 

This prestigious award recognizes Jeongyoon for her scholarship and the excellent promise she shows for achieving a faculty position in her field upon graduation. As a Staats Emerging Scholar, Jeongyoon has been invited to present her work at the NASPAA Annual Conference in Brooklyn, October 14-16.  During the presentation, she will discuss her dissertation work.  Using a local hydraulic fracturing policy case in New York State as a representative case of regulatory policymaking, Jeongyoon examined how distrust affects the creation of stakeholders’ relationships that impact regulatory policymaking processes.

“I am very grateful and honored to have been chosen,” says Jeongyoon.  “This opportunity is especially important for me because I will be able to share my ideas with deans and directors of public affairs schools who are making hiring decisions. I am confident that this opportunity will open more doors for my job-seeking endeavors.”

Jeongyoon, originally from South Korea where she completed her master’s degree, came to Rockefeller College to pursue her doctoral studies in public administration with a concentration in public management.  In particular, she is interested in collaborative governance, nonprofit management and environmental politics.