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Zorana Lavin, MPA Class of 2015, Awarded Prestigious NYS GFOA Scholarship

Zorana Lavin, a Master of Public Administration student in the Class of 2015, has been awarded the Stanley M. Schoenfeld Scholarship by the New York State Government Finance Officers' Association (NYS GFOA). The NYS GFOA Stanley M. Schoenfeld Memorial Scholarship Award, named for one of the Association's founding members and its first treasurer, was created to encourage college students to pursue a career in government finance.

MPA student Zorana Lavin
Ms. Lavin, who is currently pursuing a concentration in financial management, was awarded the scholarship at the NYS GFOA 36th Annual Conference at the Albany Marriott Hotel in Albany, N.Y. on March 26th 2015.  Zorana is currently serving as a budget analyst at the New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs. In this role, she is developing a cost allocation plan for the agency that will be used to bring additional revenue through Medicaid reimbursement. After graduation, Zorana hopes to use her education and work experience to manage government funds. "The main driver behind my desire to contribute to responsible financial management is my personal experience as a Bosnian refugee, where I witnessed corruption and waste of funds," says Zorana. "I am confident my concentration in financial management has given me the knowledge needed to determine the best use of scarce resources to the greatest advantage of people in need."

Zorana joins a number of distinguished Rockefeller College alumni who have earned the Schoenfeld Scholarship, including Patrick Orecki, MPA '15, budget examiner for the NYS Division of Budget; Glenn Schnabel, MPA '13, senior management analyst for the Town of Southampton, NY; Courtney Asker, MPA '10, coordinator for the U.S. Department of State; and Matt Milford, MPA '09, assistant project manager at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. 

Stanley M. Schoenfeld was one of the founding members of the NYS GFOA, and served on the Board of Governors for many years and as the first treasurer of the Association from 1979-1991.  Applicants for the Schoenfeld Scholarship must be enrolled in a NASPAA member school in New York State, have a superior academic record, show promise of completion of his or her graduate program at a high level of performance, and provide evidence of intention to enter public administration, specifically government finance or accounting, at the State or local level in New York State.