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Rockefeller Students Participate in Model EU

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Pete Grannis

Rockefeller College students at
SUNY New Paltz Model European
Union Conference

ALBANY, N.Y. (April 21, 2011) -- A delegation of Rockefeller College undergraduates was among a group of 145 students from 15 universities throughout New York State and Europe that participated in a Model European Union (EU) simulation at SUNY New Paltz, April 14-16. The three-day exercise, the largest of its kind in the US, afforded students the opportunity to assume the roles and responsibilities of key players in the EU, such as foreign ministers, prime ministers, finance ministers, diplomats, and commissioners. The eight Rockefeller College students who took part played prominent political figures from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. They wrote policy proposals and engaged in vigorous debate about actual issues currently before the EU including:  how to stabilize the European economy; whether to include new member states in the union; how to handle immigration and border issues in Italy and Malta; and what the appropriate foreign policy should be with regard to Libya and the surrounding region. 

Rockefeller College Assistant Professor of Political Science Holly Jarman accompanied students to the simulation. "The European Union is engaged in many contentious debates at the moment that will alter its economic future and define its role in the world,” said Jarman. “Our students had a really tough challenge ahead of them, but they rose to it. They grappled with complex issues, and negotiated with other delegations behind the scenes to resolve major problems. I was so proud to see their hard work pay off. Simulations like the Model EU are valuable, not just because they allow students to follow the EU's policy process from beginning to end, but because they give students an opportunity to  interact face-to-face with people from other countries. I think a lot of transatlantic friendships were formed over the weekend."

Rockefeller College students representing the delegation from the Netherlands were:  Lauren Bailey, Sarah La Mountain, Florince Payen, and Sean Whipple. Andrew Abramowitz, Geoffrey Corey, Justin Wax Jacobs, and Marcella Raphael played the part of the UK team.

SUNY Model EU is a project funded by the Institute of European Union Studies at SUNY (IEUSS), through the Office of Global Affairs, SUNY System Administration. 2012 will mark the program’s 25th anniversary. 

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