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Brookhaven, N.Y. native Mary Campbell has a lot on her mind this May. In addition to coping with the typical anxiety a student experiences at final exam time, she is celebrating graduation, planning a move to Washington, D.C. and starting a full-time job. It's enough to make anyone's head spin. Mary couldn't be more excited though. She's very much looking forward to taking those first steps on her career path and credits the University at Albany with making it all possible.

"After high school, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to study in college," says Mary. "One of the reasons I chose UAlbany was because of the wide variety of strong academic programs offered. I ended up falling in love with both political science and journalism."

Once she settled on her academic course, Mary set her sights on professional development. First, she interned as a research aide at the Council of Hemispheric Affairs in Washington, D.C. where she edited research and opinion pieces from senior research fellows and published three articles of her own. Next, she was accepted into the University at Albany's Semester in Washington program and became an intern with the Information Bureau at the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. "I realized how important it was to be on top of the news and how every news story needs to have an angle. There is, therefore, no such thing as an unbiased news report," notes Mary.  "I was also able to practice the Arabic that I learned in the classroom."

Through her contacts in Washington, Mary interned at the office of former Congressman Tim Bishop. In her final internship, she is working at SUNY Center for International Development. "I believe this has been my most productive internship yet," says Mary. "I feel that I'm getting the most out of this experience simply because I'm putting as much as I can into it."  After graduation, Mary will be working as an event coordinator for an internship program called Dream Careers. She also has submitted her application to the Peace Corps and is hopeful about having the opportunity to see the world while helping those in need. Her own dream career is coming true — the world is coming into reach.

"Participating in the Semester in Washington Program was the best decision I've ever made," declares Mary.  "I got the chance to live in D.C., network and gain professional skills. I fell in love with the city and decided it's where I want to begin my career. The contacts I made while living in Washington helped lead me to my job opportunity. I managed to make life-long friends and learn a lot about myself. I owe a great deal of my success to the University and Professor Michael Malbin's assistance through the Semester in Washington Program."

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