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Center for International Development's Mark Baskin Joins Rockefeller's Political Science Department

Center for International Development (CID) Senior Associate Mark Baskin has accepted a one-year teaching position in the Rockefeller College Department of Political Science.

Dr. Mark Baskin

This semester, Baskin, a specialist in comparative and international politics, will teach three courses: Building Democracy, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, and Ethnic Conflict. In spring, he'll offer both graduate and undergraduate level courses in international organization and international development.

In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Baskin oversees Rockefeller's Model European Union (EU) and Model United Nations (UN) programs. Through simulation and role play, students participating in a Model EU or Model UN exercise gain valuable knowledge about globalization and multilateral diplomacy, improve their understanding of current events and sharpen their communications and collaboration skills. Last April, Dr. Baskin led a group of 11 Rockefeller College students in the 2013 Model European Union at the SUNY Global Center in New York City. Over the next several months, he'll be preparing a group of undergraduates for the upcoming Model EU in Brussels, Belgium.

Baskin brings a great deal of international experience and perspective to the classroom. At CID he managed democratization and development programs in Iraq, Jordan and Serbia. He is an experienced field practitioner in conflict and post-conflict administration, peace operations, rule of law, legislative strengthening, and local government and administration. Dr. Baskin worked more than three decades in the Eurasia region and most recently in the Mideast, Africa and Asia. He spent nearly a decade as a civil affairs officer and political officer working for United Nations peacekeeping operations in the Balkans, both in the field and at mission headquarters in Zagreb, Vukovar (in Croatia), Sarajevo (in Bosnia-Herzegovina), and Prizren (in Kosovo). He was chief reporting officer of the UN mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1997-1999), deputy regional administrator in Prizren, Kosovo, and Prizren's municipal administrator in 1999 and 2000. Dr. Baskin was director of research at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre in Canada and has also been a consultant to the United Nations, World Bank, Government of Canada, the U.S. State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Mark Baskin holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Michigan. He is fluent in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Russian.

The generous support of Rockefeller College donors helps to enrich the academic experience for our students. The College utilized gifts from alumni and friends to send a number of undergraduates to the 2013 Model European Union at the SUNY Global Center in New York City last April. Please visit our Giving and Alumni pages to learn how you can make a gift to Rockefeller College to support vital student programs such as the Model UN and Model EU.