Rockefeller College To Host Clerks Courses Online

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Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy will be hosting online courses for the Certified Municipal Clerks (CMC) and the Master Municipal Clerks (MMC) training programs. Clerks seeking professional certification through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) as well as other municipal officials seeking professional development are welcome to participate. Clerks will be able to earn four points in the spring semester. Courses will be offered live via Zoom 4-6pm.

Spring 2021 Online Courses

January 27, 2021 (Registration Closed)


Instructor: R. Karl Rethemeyer, Dean, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

The purpose of this course is to have participants think about the concept of networks and networking in a rigorous fashion using ideas drawn from the study of groups and organizations. Once a common set of ideas and a symbolic language for understanding social networks is introduced, participants will then go through an exercise to draw a visualization of their professional social network. Using these visualizations, participants will complete a set of exercises to think about which professional resources are plentiful and which are scarce in their network and why that might be. Finally, participants will learn how networks can be extended and “improved” through professional networking. 


February 10, 2021 (Registration Full)


Instructor: David Kraiker, Data Dissemination & GIS Specialist 

Course will present the necessary concepts to understand differences between a Decennial (10-year) Census, Population Estimates, and American Community Survey.  It will highlight some of the tables and variables that may be drawn from the American Community Survey, as well as show how to use the portal.  Course will apply information to New York State scenarios and geographies (town, village, city) and will give take-home assignment (with cheat sheet!) to attendees for further practice.  


February 24, 2021 (Registration Full)


Instructor: Eugene Monaco, Executive Director, Professional Development Program

Today’s municipal clerks are implicit leaders who can influence and implement improvements and innovation in day-to-day governmental operations. An understanding of learning styles can enhance working relationships that result in meaningful systemic change. Through the case study exercise, participants will apply new knowledge and understanding of learning styles to a fictional master municipal clerk’s goal of implementing a comprehensive electronic records management system. 


March 24, 2021 (Registration Full)

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion Principles 

Instructor: Lakia Green, Professional Development Program

An understanding of diversity and inclusion principles is essential to operating successfully in a municipal environment. In this course, participants will be introduced to essential diversity concepts, including a discussion of the importance of diversity and inclusion principles in the workplace. Participants will then learn about the four diversity perspectives, and practice how to use these perspectives to foster a more inclusive environment. During this course, participants will have opportunities to apply the principles learned in class to real-world scenarios. 


Spring 2021 Online Courses: $50

Scholarships  may be available! Check with your State and Regional Associations for more information.

Click here to register and pay online (online registration and payment via credit card is preferred).

For those who must pay by check, please click here to download the form. 

Registration for each session will close one week prior to class meeting.

Registrants who are no longer able to participate must cancel their registration one week prior to the class meeting to receive a refund.