Environmental Policy & Politics Concentration

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The environmental policy and politics curriculum was designed by university faculty in consultation with our biodiversity and biological sciences colleagues. This program provides graduates the foundation they need for careers in conservation, environmental planning, or energy and climate change. Students gain skills and knowledge in environmental science, policy analytics, and the politics of environmental policy and advocacy.

Study Under Distinguished Faculty Experts

Jennifer Dodge Peter Finn George Robinson Brian Greenhill
Jennifer Dodge Peter Finn George Robinson Brian Greenhill

Environmental Policy & Politics Courses

To complete a concentration, students much take 5 courses in the area of study. Students are encouraged to take 3 courses in the Environmental Policy & Politics and may add 2 courses in analytic methods (from the options below or via the Policy Analysis or Information Strategy & Management concentration courses).

  • PAD 665/BIO 530B: Biodiversity & Conservation Policy–Policy Issues (cross listed BIO 530B)
  • PAD 699: Energy Policy
  • POS 534: Environmental Restoration
  • BIO 530A: Biodiversity & Conservation Policy – Theoretical Issues
  • BIO 601: Topics in Ecology (e.g., wildlife management, conservation GIS)
  • BIO 630: Topics in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy
  • ATM 552: Climate Change
  • GOG: 504: Energy, Environment, and Climate Change
  • PLN 530: Environmental Planning
  • PLN 532: Parks, Preservation, and Heritage Planning
  • PLN 535: Environmental Restoration & Brownfield Development (cross listed POS)

Recent Job & Internship Placements in Environmental Policy and Politics