Government Information Strategy and Management Concentration

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U.S. News and World Report ranks Rockefeller College fourth (4th) in the nation in Information Technology and Management among Graduate Schools of Public Affairs. Our Government Information Strategy and Management (GISM) specialization addresses public policy and management innovations that are the consequence of rapidly changing information and communication technologies (ICTs) and dramatic changes in the nature, amount, and availability of information in government and society.

GISM courses prepare students to understand and use information as an essential tool for problem solving and public management within single organizations and across multiple organizations, sectors, and levels of government. Drawing from public administration and other fields, students learn how policies, organizational factors, information content, and information and communication technologies influence decisions and performance. As a 5-course specialization in the MPA, GISM courses prepare students with knowledge, skills, and experience to lead and innovate in any public or nonprofit organization. As a 2- or 3-course specialization, GISM adds an essential understanding of the roles played by information, data, and technology in every policy domain and level of government.

In addition, the courses in this specialization also support related specialization in the doctoral programs in Public Administration and Policy and Information Science.

We stay at the cutting edge of these issues thanks to nearly 20 years of close collaboration among Rockefeller College, UAlbany’s award-winning Center for Technology in Government (CTG), and the Information Science doctoral program now in the College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity.

Study Under Distinguished Faculty Experts

alt J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, PhD, MS
Donna S. Canestraro J. Ramon Gil-Garcia
alt alt
Ron Greenberg Mila Gascó-Hernández
Theresa Pardo alt
Theresa Pardo Luis F. Luna-Reyes
Megan Cook

Government Information Strategy and Management Courses

  • PAD 550 Strategic Management of Information Technology
  • PAD 570 Comparative Digital Government (Fully Online)
  • PAD 650 Enabling Innovation in the Public Sector (Experiential Learning)
  • PAD 652 Leading Organizational Transformation in the Digital World (Fully Online)
  • PAD 655 Information Policy
  • PAD 574 Urban Innovation and Creative Problem Solving (Experiential Learning)
  • PAD 576 The Justice System in the 21st century: Management, Innovation, and Emergent Technologies (Fully Online)
  • PAD 545 Principles and Practices of Cybersecurity
  • PAD 569 Cyber Threats and Intelligence
  • PAD 524 Systems Thinking and Strategy Development
  • PAD 577 Information Technology, Globalization and Global Governance
  • PAD 585 IT and Homeland Security

Other Courses Available Across the University

  • INF 522 Managing Information Technology
  • ITM 601 Business Systems Analysis and Design
  • ITM 611 Analysis and Design of Information-Decision Systems

Other GISM Courses at the undergraduate and graduate level

  • PAD 305: Public Administration and Information Technologies
  • PAD 310 Managing Technology-Driven Change (Fully Online)
  • PAD 750 Theoretical Approaches to Information Technology in Organizations

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