Human Resources Management Concentration

The Career You Want. The Skills You Need.

The Human Resources Management curriculum trains students to manage organizations and their employees effectively in the public, private, or non-profit sector.

Areas in the Human Resources Management concentration include:

  • The political and institutional contexts of public organizations;
  • Managing and appraising public-sector performance;
  • Public employee motivation and other employee work attitudes;
  • Managing workforce diversity, equality, and equity;
  • Negotiating and managing conflict in the workplace

Study Under Distinguished Faculty Experts

Victor Asal Bryan Early
Ellen Rubin Hongseok Lee

Specialty Human Resources Management Courses

  • PAD 618 Public Personnel Management (required)
  • POS 600 Fundamentals of Adminstrative Law
  • PAD 610 Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • PAD 614 Managerial Leadership in the Public Sector
  • PAD 619 Issues in Public Management and Personnel: Motivation and Compensation
  • PAD 626 Evaluation of Public Sector Programs
  • PAD 651 Labor Relations in the Public Sector
  • PAD 671 Managing Public Sector Performance
  • MGT 514 Human Resource Management
  • PSY 751 Work Motivation
  • PSY 752 Personnel Psychology
  • PSY 757 Performance Appraisal and Management
  • SOC 642 Sociology of Work