Global Affairs Concentration

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The Global Affairs curriculum provides graduates the foundation for careers in global policy analysis, public management outside of the United States as well as management of international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Students in the Global Affairs concentration will increase their understanding of:

  • The functioning of international organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the shaping of governance and civil society around the world
  • Policy dynamics in key global issue areas such as human rights, security, development and environment
  • Challenges of public administration in countries with different cultures, histories and political regimes.

Study Under Distinguished Faculty Experts

Rey Koslowski Jeffery Straussman Brian Nussbaum Zsofia Barta
Rey Koslowski Jeffrey Straussman Brian Nussbaum Zsofia Barta
David Guinn Kamiar Alaei James Steiner  
David Guinn Kamiar Alaei James Steiner  

Specialty Global Affairs Courses

  • PAD 558 Intelligence and US National Security Policymaking
  • PAD 577 Information Technology, Globalization and Governance 
  • PAD 583 Global Governance 
  • PAD 586 Health and Human Rights: an Interdisciplinary Approach
  • PAD 605 Politics of Migration and Membership
  • PAD 625 Bargaining and Negotiation 
  • PAD 661 Comparative and International Public Management
  • POS 554 Political Violence, Insurgency, and Terrorism 
  • POS 561 Nationalism and Nation-Building 
  • POS 566 Ethnic Conflict 
  • POS 571 International Political Economy 
  • POS 582 Global Security 
  • POS 584 American Foreign Policy Formulation and Implementation 
  • POS 586 Health and Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • PLN 510 Globalization and International Planning Practice 
  • EAPS 666 Comparative Education Policy 

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