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Global Public Management Concentration

The Global Public Management concentration emphasizes organizational and leadership skills for public management careers in governments and non-profit organizations around the world as well as in international organizations and non-governmental organizations at the regional and global level.

The Global Public Management concentration will increase students’ understanding of:

  • Strategic planning, budgeting, accounting, information technology management and human resource management in international organizations and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs)
  • The work of NGOs in international economic development programs, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and the practicalities of grant administration, procurement, oversight and accountability
  • Challenges of public administration in countries with different cultures, histories and political regimes
  • Cross-national knowledge sharing and capacity-building for effective public administration and efficient civil services
  • The use of new technologies by governments and international organizations to improve administrative effectiveness and accountability

Study Under Distinguished Faculty Experts

Gang Chen J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, PhD, MS Theresa Pardo Jeffrey D. Straussman
Gang Chen J. Ramon Gil-Garcia Theresa Pardo Jeffrey Straussman

Elective Courses that Fulfill Concentration Requirements

  • RINT 531 Government Information Strategy and Management: Comparative and International  
  • RINT 532 Public Finance: Comparative and International
  • RINT 533 Global Non-profit Management
  • RPAD 501 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
  • RPAD 502 Human Resources Development
  • RPAD 506 Foundations of Public Management
  • PRAD 510 Introduction to Legislative Administration
  • RPAD 512 Non-Profit Fundraising & Development Fundamentals
  • RPAD 515 Implementation and Impact
  • RPAD 521 Issues and Practices in Program Evaluation
  • RPAD 532 Contracting and Performance Measurement in Government
  • RPAD 550 Foundations of Government Information Strategy and Management
  • RPAD 563 Planning for Jobs, Housing and Community Services in Third World Cities
  • RPAD 564 Ethics in Public Administration

Affiliated Research Centers

The Center for International Development (CID) works to enhance the capacity of developing nations to meet critical challenges through policy oriented research and the design and implementation of technical assistance and training projects.  CID has operated field offices on five continents and has implemented over $200 million in international development projects over the past twenty-five years.  This research center works effectively with multilateral and bilateral donor agencies, national and local governments, universities, and civil society organizations on large-scale training projects and focused multi-year institutional capacity-building projects.  Visit for more information.

The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) works with government to develop information strategies that foster innovation and enhance the quality and coordination of public services. The Center carries out this mission through applied research and partnership projects that address the policy, management, and technology dimensions of information use in the public sector. The results contribute to a growing knowledge base designed to support the work of both government professionals and academic researchers. Visit for more information.