David Jones


Research Interests: "Legal mobilization: how social movements and organizations use the law to create social change. Law and society: how people experience the law in their every day lives. American political development"

Website: www.dlawtrowbridge.wixsite.com/home 

Dissertation Title: "Advocates for Change: Understanding the Priority-Setting and Tactics of Legal Advocacy Organizations"

Dissertation Chair: Julie Novkov

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About David

David is an experienced college instructor who has won awards for research and teaching. With a concentration in Public Law and a minor in American Politics, David’s grant-funded research focuses on the intersection of social movement organizations and the behavior of cause lawyers. His methodological tools include in-depth interviews, archival work, and qualitative analysis. Much of David’s focus in graduate school has been teaching; he has independently taught three courses on twelve occasions and served as a teaching assistant in seven semesters.

David’s dissertation investigates the priority setting behavior of public interest legal organizations (PILOs). This research explains how cause lawyers working within some PILOs are less constrained by funding concerns than theories would suggest because of unique opportunities to pursue goals (i.e. through education, lobbying, and the use of cooperating attorneys). More often, priorities are set by perceptions of community need and the interests of individual lawyers, rather than boards or leadership. Finally, cause lawyers are more invested in non-litigation tactics that the current literature reveals. The significance of this, according to these lawyers, is that social change through litigation is dependent upon parallel work in the public sphere.

David’s commitment to teaching led him to the Institute of Teaching and Learning where he completed three courses and joined the Future Faculty Leadership Committee (FFLC). The FFLC is responsible for professional development training of graduate students, especially in pedagogy. He has also completed the University’s On-line Course Development Program. Continuing his commitment to student success and engagement, David has acted as faculty advisor to two student organizations: College Democrats and Project U, a student-run community service organization.

David currently serves as Rockefeller College’s undergraduate internship coordinator. In this position, David assists students in revising application materials, such as résumés, cover letters, writing samples, personal statements, and other documents. He also guides students in finding internships and manages a 300-level course on job searching.

Teaching Experience

  • Independently taught three lower and upper-level courses: Introduction to American Politics (once), Law & Policy (five times), and Law, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity (six times)
  • Served as a teaching assistant for seven semesters in Introduction to American Politics under four different instructors: Dr. Sally Friedman, Dr. Anne Hildreth, Dr. Bruce Miroff, and Dr. Patricia Strach
  • Co-winner of the 2013 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award given out by Rockefeller College
  • Taught over 700 students, approximately 400 of which were in Introduction to American Politics