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Info Starter Kit - Articles

Below please find several articles that present the philosophy behind our specialization in “Government Information Strategy and Management” as well as the structure of our curriculum.

Training the IT-savvy public manager: priorities and strategies for public management education

Dawes, Sharon S., Journal of Public Affairs Education, 2004, 10(1): 5-17.

Abstract: Despite big budgets, political endorsement, and formal frameworks for information policy, technology, and management, government IT projects continue to falter or fail. This paper argues that public management education must include information strategy and management topics as core concerns. MPA programs should be teaching the next generation of public managers to appreciate how deeply embedded IT is in every aspect of government—and to appreciate their own roles and responsibilities with respect to it. The paper reviews practical experience and academic research on information systems in government and identifies five kinds of competencies that are most needed to
build successful information strategies and systems in the public sector. These include strategic thinking and evaluation, system-oriented analytical skills, information stewardship, technical concepts, and complex project management skills. The article concludes with a variety of approaches for bringing these competencies into the Master of Public Administration curriculum.

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