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GRE/GMAT Waiver Policy

In some cases, students applying for the MPA program may be eligible to waive the GRE/GMAT requirement. The Department of Public Administration and Policy will consider GRE/GMAT waiver requests from MPA applicants who possess 5 or more years of relevant full-time professional work experience. Those who wish to be considered for an assistantship or scholarship must submit a GRE or GMAT test score. Waivers will only be considered for applicants to the MPA program; all PhD applicants must take the test. Additionally, qualified undergraduate students or those recently graduated may also apply for a GRE waiver. The requirement includes the completion of at least two quantitative courses with the grade of B or higher. Quantitative courses can include but are not limited to statistics, microeconomics, college algebra or certain research methods courses.

Applicants will be required to submit a waiver application in addition to their regular application materials. This waiver application should contain a current resume and the Department's waiver questionnaire for consideration by the Department's admission committee. Meeting the conditions listed above is not a guarantee that a waiver will be granted. Applicants may be required to participate in an interview before final decision is made.  Please email to request the waiver questionnaire.


The LSAT may be accepted in lieu of GRE scores when an applicant has taken two or more quantitative courses at the undergraduate level and earned a B or better average in those courses. Scores must be less than five years old. Please contact the department at regarding details and course approval.