Thomas R. Stewart, Ph.D.

Thomas R. Stewart, PhD

Research Professor Emeritus
Specialization: Judgment & Decision Making

Department of Public Administration & Policy

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About Professor Stewart

Thomas R. Stewart received his PhD in quantitative psychology from the University of Illinois and was formerly with the Graduate School of Public Affairs and the Center for Research on Judgment and Policy at the University of Colorado and with the Environmental and Societal Impacts Group at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

His research includes theoretical, methodological and applied studies of judgment and decision making, and he is particularly interested in expert judgment. His specific interests include methods of judgment analysis and the decomposition of judgmental skill as well as studies of expert judgment in medicine, weather forecasting and other fields. His work applies to any situation where professionals routinely make forecasts or other judgments, such as economic forecasting, weather forecasting, physicians diagnosing patients, supervisors evaluating employees, police officers making arrest decisions or customs officers evaluating airline passengers. Recently he has been investigating how people learn decision thresholds under conditions of uncertainty and limited feedback.

Selected Publications