Shawn Brushway

Shawn Bushway, PhD

Specialization: Criminal Justice

Department of Public Administration & Policy

324 Milne Hall | 518-591-8738

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About Professor Bushway

Shawn Bushway is a Professor of Public Administration and Policy at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy with a courtesy appointment in the School of Criminal Justice. He is a member of New York State's Permanent Commission on Sentencing Reform, and his primary research interests involve criminal justice policy, the desistance process, and the effect of background check policies on employment for individuals with criminal history records. He is a graduate of the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University, which recognized him with its Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017. He received the University at Albany (SUNY) Award for Excellence in Research in 2013, and the State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship in 2014.  He was also recognized as a Distinguished Scholar for the American Society of Criminology’s Division on Corrections and Sentencing in 2014, and honored as a Fellow of the American Society of Criminology in 2017.

Selected Publications

  • Redlich, Allison; Shawn Bushway and Robert Norris (2016).”Plea decision-making by Attorneys and Judges”Journal of Experimental Criminology Online first
  • Kim, Jaeok; Shawn Bushway, and Hui-shien Tsao (2016). “Identifying Classes of Explanations for the Crime Drop: Period and Cohort Explanations in New York State” Journal of Quantitative Criminology Online First
  • Pickett, Justin T.; Thomas Loughran and Shawn Bushway (2016).  “Consequences of Legal Risk Communication for Sanction Perception Updating and White-Collar Criminality,” Journal of Experimental Criminology 12:1:75-104.
  • Bushway, Shawn and Sarah Tahamont. (2016). “Modeling Long-term Criminal Careers: What Happened to the Variability?” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 53:372-391.
  • Porter, Lauren; Shawn Bushway, Hui-shien Tsao and Herbert Smith (2016). “Has the U.S. Prison Boom Changed the Age Distribution of the Prison Population?” Criminology 54:1:30-55.
  • Paternoster, Raymond; Ronet Bachman, Shawn Bushway, Erin Kerrison, and Daniel O’Connell. (2015). “Human Agency and Explanations of Criminal Desistance: Arguments for a Rational Choice Theory,” Journal of Developmental and Life-course Criminology 1:209-235.
  • Pickett, Justin T., and Shawn D. Bushway. (2015) “Dispositional Sources of Sanction Perceptions: Emotionality, Cognitive Style, Intolerance of Ambiguity, and Self-Efficacy.” Law and Human Behavior. 39:6:624-40.
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  • Brame, Robert; Shawn Bushway, Raymond Paternoster and Michael Turner (2014) “Demographic Patterns of Cumulative Arrest Prevalence by Ages 18 and 23.”  Crime and Delinquency 60:3:471-486.
  • Bushway, Shawn and Emily Owens (2013), “Framing Punishment: Incarceration, Recommended Sentences, and Recidivism.”  Journal of Law and Economics 56:2:301-331.