Angela VanDerwerken

Angela VanDerwerken, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Specialization: International Affairs
Master of International Affairs program

About Professor VanDerwerken

Angela VanDerwerken will be joining the International Affairs faculty as an Adjunct Lecturer and will teach RINT 503 - Quantitative Approaches to International Affairs this coming Fall semester in Albany. She is an economist focusing on research in econometrics, health policy, and the economics of labor. Her research includes evaluating the federal disability determination process and measuring the effects of pharmaceuticals on disability applications, receiving support from the U.S. Social Security Administration’s Disability Determination Process Grant Program and a fellowship from Mathematica’s Center for Studying Disability Policy. She teaches courses in the Department of Economics at the University at Albany and was also an adjunct professor at NYU’s Department of Technology, Management and Innovation, teaching graduate level economics. Formerly, she was an economist at the New York State Department of Labor and a private sector consultant. She completed coursework for a PhD and MA in Economics at the University at Albany, and received a BA from Brigham Young University in Economics and Statistics.