Patricia Strach

Patricia Strach, PhD

Specialization: American Politics and Public Policy

Jointly Appointed in Political Science & Public Administration

Milne 106A | 518-442-3856

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About Professor Strach

Patricia Strach is a Professor in the Departments of Political Science and Public Administration and Policy at the University at Albany. Her research examines the relationship between social and political institutions in American public policy. She is the author of All in the Family: The Private Roots of American Public Policy (Stanford, 2007) and articles appearing in Political Research Quarterly, Journal of Policy History, Polity, and American Politics Research. In 2008-2010 she was a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy Research at Harvard University. Strach received her doctorate in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004.

Selected Publications

Chen - The Prospects for Liberal Nationalism in Post-Leninist States Book Jacket strach


  • Patricia Strach.  2007.  All in the Family:  The Private Roots of American Public Policy.  Stanford, CA:  Stanford University Press.
  • Ken Goldstein and Patricia Strach (eds).  2003.  The Medium and the Message: Television Advertising and American Elections.  Prentice Hall:  Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Patricia Strach and Virginia Sapiro. 2011. "Campaigning for Congress in the '9/11' Era:  Considerations of Gender and Party in Response to an Exogenous Shock." American Politics Research. 39 (2): 264-290.
  • Patricia Strach and Kathleen Sullivan 2011.  "The State's Relations:  What the Institution of Family Tells Us about Governance."  Political Research Quarterly. 64 (1):  94-106.
  • Virginia Sapiro, Katherine Cramer Walsh, Patricia Strach, and Valerie Hennings. 2011.  "Gender, Context, and Television Advertising:  A Comprehensive Analysis of 2000 and 2002 House Races."  Political Research Quarterly.  64 (1):  107-119.
  • Patricia Strach. 2009.  "Making Higher Education Affordable:  Policy Design in Post-War America."  Journal of Policy History.  21 (1): 61-88.
  • Patricia Strach. 2006. "The Politics of Family."  Polity.38 (2): 151-173. 

Peer-Reviewed Chapters

  • Kathleen Sullivan and Patricia Strach. (In progress) "Statebuilding through Corruption:  Graft, Trash, and Progressive Era Politics."  Statebuilding from Margins to Mainstream.  Carol Nackenoff and Julie Novkov (eds)  Philadelphia, PA:  University of Pennsylvania Press. 
  • Kathleen Sullivan and Patricia Strach. (Forthcoming) "Digging Through Trash:  Lessons in Navigating Municipal Archives."  In Doing Archival Research:  A Practical Guide for Political Scientists.  Scott A. Frisch, Douglas B. Harris, Sean Q. Kelly, David C. W. Parker (eds) Amherst, NY:  Cambria Press.
  • Kathleen Sullivan and Patricia Strach. "Inclusion, Exclusion, and Citizenship." (2011). The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion:  Controversies and Strategies for 21st Century Policy and Politics, David Ericson (ed) New York:  Routledge, 91-109.