R. Karl Rethemeyer, Dean

R. Karl Rethemeyer, PhD

A Message from the Dean

Since March 2015 it has been my honor to serve as first interim dean and now permanent dean of the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

I believe that universities have a dual mission: to teach and to discover in the service of helping societies solve these pressing challenges. Rockefeller College seeks to achieve this mission by providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective participants and leaders in political and policy processes while also producing new research that helps citizens and institutions govern societies more efficiently and effectively. The goal is to help create freer, fairer, more sustainable, more inclusive, and more bountiful outcomes for everyone.

Faculty are the cornerstone of our efforts to realize this mission. As researchers exploring the “bleeding edge” of new ideas and approaches to knowing the world, it is the faculty’s knowledge and expertise that attracts outstanding students and generates ideas that promote and sustain positive social change.

Students provide the inspiration and the hope for a better future. At our best, we shape student passion, enthusiasm, and talent into purpose and capacity for leadership of change.

To help students make this transformation, Rockefeller College has invested deeply in partnerships with organizations in the public, nonprofit, and corporate sectors to provide internships and career experiences that help to weld together ideas, knowledge, and skills into professional practices and habits of mind that make our students successful on day one of their career. Our alumni networks in Albany, New York City, Washington, and around the country and world are a critical component of our approach to experiential learning.

I’m excited about where the College is and even moreso about where we can go together. Whether you are a prospective student thinking about a degree, an alum seeking to pay it forward, or an interested citizen of the world, please let us know how we can get you involved in the exciting things happening at Rockefeller College! We’re one click away.


R. Karl Rethemeyer, Dean
R. Karl Rethemeyer, Dean
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy