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Thursday Policy Lunch

The Thursday Policy Lunch exposes doctoral students to the nuts and bolts of methods-based public policy research, gives students the opportunity to present their own research, and facilitates the communication of policy research among participants. The workshop is run by Rockefeller College's Department of Public Administration and Policy. Guests from throughout the University are welcome to attend.

Fall 2013 Policy Lunch Schedule

We meet Thursdays from 12:00-1:00pm in Milne Hall 215 on the University at Albany downtown campus. You are encouraged to bring your lunch.

Thursday, September 12

Jason Helgerson, New York State Medicaid Director
Office of Health Insurance Programs

Topic: "Medicaid in New York State"

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Thursday, September 19

Stephen Weinberg, Assistant Professor
Department of Public Administration and Policy

Topic: "Fraudulent Medicaid Enrollment: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment by NYC's Human Resources Administration"

Thursday, September 26

Kathleen Deloughery, Assistant Professor
Department of Public Administration and Policy

with MPA Students Tina Chang and Joseph Popcun

Topic: "Terrorism Studies: Bridging the Academic/Policy Divide"

Thursday, October 3

Zsofia Barta, Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science

Topic: "Rating Politics: the Political Economy of Increased Rating Scruting over Domestic Politics and Policy-Making in Developed Economies since the Economic and Financial Crisis"

Thursday, October 10

Bethany Slater, Doctoral Student
Department of Public Administration and Policy

Topic: "Effective Resource Development Strategies to Maximize Nonprofit Food Distribution"

Thursday, October 17

Lucy Dadayan, Rockefeller Institute of Government
Don Boyd, Rockefeller Institute of Government

Topic: "Revenue Forecasting Accuracy and Bias in the States"

Thursday, October 24

Youcheer Kim, Doctoral Student
Department of Political Science

Topic: "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Bridge the Gap between IR and Public Law Studies" (25 minute talk)

Additional Speaker - TBA (25 minute talk, reserved for doctoral student)

Thursday, October 31

APPAM practice talks

In a departure from the usual practice, Oct 31 will consist of several short talks being rehearsed for the Association for Public Policy and Management conference.

Thursday, November 7


Thursday, November 14

Jose J. Gonzalez, Director
Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM)
Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Agder, Norway

Topic: "A Paradigm Shift for Emergency Management"

Thursday, November 21

Janine Jurkowski, Associate Professor
School of Public Health

Topic: "Evaluating How New York State Public Health Laws May Impact Breast Feeding Promotion in Maternity Care Facilities"

Thursday, December 5

Weija Ran, Doctoral Student
Department of Informatics (25 minutes)

Topic: TBA

Wisanupong Potipiroon, Doctoral Student
Department of Public Administration and Policy
(25 minutes)

Topic: "Igniting Organizational Commitment: The Synergistic Effects of Prosocial Motivation, Intrinsic Motivation and Ethical Leadership"

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