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Post-Graduate Fellowships

The Following list is intended as a useful starting point for Rockefeller students seeking fellowships in government or relevant private-sector organizations. It is by no means a comprehensive list, and students can work in consultation with the Career Office to find other fellowships to meet their interests.

Federal Government Fellowships

Presidential Management Fellows Program

This prestigious fellowship places recent graduates in agencies throughout the executive branch. The fellowship has mandatory training requirements and offers opportunities for rotational assignments. Program Length: 2 yeas; Location: Washington, DC

Federal Career Intern Program

This program is administered by individual agencies, requires a two year formal training and development program, and does not require rotational assignments. Program Length: 2 years; Location: Washington, DC

GAO Professional Development Program (Government Accountability Office)

This program combines on-the-job, computer-based, classroom and other learning and developmental experiences, regular feedback and coaching, and exposure to different projects and management styles. Most work is done in small teams working together on long-term projects. Program Length: 2 years; Location: Washington, DC

HHS Emerging Leaders Program (Department of Health & Human Services)

The first year of this fellowship is based around 60-90 day rotations where fellows are assigned mentors and receive intensive orientation. The second year is devoted to work in a chosen career path on a full time basis for a selected Operating Division. Program Length: 2 years; Location: Washington, DC

Student Educational Employment Program

This program provides temporary paid employment in a federal agency for currently enrolled students with the possibility of noncompetitive conversion to career appointments following completion of their academic and work experience requirements. Location: Washington, DC

State Government Fellowships

New York Public Management Institute

This program places fellows in a professional position within a State agency. Interns experience specialized training, rotational assignments, and mentoring for professional guidance and advice. Program Length: 2 years; Location: Albany, NY

Legislative Fellow Program (NYS Senate)

Fellows are usually placed in the office of an elected Member of the Senate where they observe techniques associated with policy making and the legislative process. Location: Albany, NY

NYS Assembly Graduate Internship

This internship provides full-time research or policy analysis positions with Assembly leaders, committees and research staffs. Program Length: 6 months (Spring); Location: Albany, NY

California Capital Fellows Programs

Four separate fellowship programs are administered jointly and fellows work as full-time members of a legislative, executive, or judicial office, and are typically given assignments with a significant amount of responsibility and challenges. Fellows also take seminars from the California State University Government Department or Public Policy and Administration Program. Program Length: 11 months; Location: Sacramento, CA

Maryland Governor’s Policy Fellows Program

Fellows serve three eight-month rotations in State agencies. These assignments are determined based on the interests of the fellow and agency needs. Program Length: 2 years; Location: Annapolis, MD

Local Government Fellowships

Local Government Management Fellowship Program

This program places fellows in management-track local government positions, shaped by direct mentorship under senior government leaders and rotational assignments.Program Length: 1 year; Location: Varies

New York City Urban Fellows Program

This program combines full-time employment in City government with a comprehensive seminar series exploring the mechanics of local government, as well as important issues facing the City. Program Length: 9 months; Location: New York, NY

L.P. Cookingham Management Internship Program (Kansas City, MO)

This fellowship is based on four 3-month placements to the City Manager’s Office, the Capital Improvements Management Office, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Public Works Departments. Fellows also select and design a year-long project that will significantly impact Kansas City government. Program Length: 1 year; Location: Kansas City, MO

The City of Phoenix Management Internship Program

Fellows work in the City Manager's Office, the Budget and Research Department and selected line departments where fellows carry out research and analysis projects on a wide range of topics. Program Length: 1 year; Location: Phoenix, AZ

International Fellowships

World Bank’s Young Professionals Program

Most Young Professionals select two rotational assignments in different units in the World Banks where they usually work as a member of a team. Young Professionals also participate in a specially designed orientation, training opportunities, mentoring programs, and two to three trips to developing countries during each assignment. The World Bank also has a separate two-year Junior Professional Associates Program, which does not lead to permanent employment following completion. Program Length: 18-20 months Location: Mainly Washington, DC

Other Opportunities

The Coro Fellows Program

This rigorous and unconventional program is centered on a series of field assignments with government agencies, business, political campaigns, labor unions, media organizations and non-profit groups. Other aspects of the fellowship include public service projects, intensive seminars, and more.Program Length: 9 months; Locations: Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and St. Louis

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