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Internship Classes

Semester in Washington
Semester in Washington (SIW) is both a capstone and springboard for those interested in Public Affairs and Policy.  By participating in the selective SIW program, students receive 15 credits while both working and networking beside future colleagues.  Offered only in the spring semester, this program allows students to join governmental agencies, nonprofits, or private entities through substantive internships in Washington, DC. 

For more information: Contact Professor Anne Hildreth or the Rockefeller Office of Career Development, or call 518-442-3112.

University-Wide Full-Time Internship (UNI 390)
UNI 390 allows students to partake in a full-time internship and receive up to 15 credits for the work.  The internship must include work experience and an appropriate academic component to qualify for credit.  Additionally, a student must have a faculty sponsor to supervise the academic component, and he/she must have the internship approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee in order to receive credit.  This opportunity is available both in the fall and spring semesters.

To apply: Applications for UNI 390 can be picked up in LC-30.  The spring deadline is December 1st.  The deadline for both summer and fall is May 1st.

Senate Session Internship Program (UNI 391)
Assembly Session Intern Program (UNI 392)
The Senate and Assembly Assistants Internship is a comprehensive academic program that offers students the chance to participate in state government and the legislative process.  Assembly interns enroll in a course taught by Professors-in-Residence, attend weekly Issue Policy Forums, and are assigned research and administrative responsibilities in an Assembly office.  Senate interns are assigned to a specific office and function as a regular staff member in addition to attending weekly seminars and participating in a model legislative sessions.  Students accepted to the program will receive 15 credits through UNI 391 or UNI 392.  Some of those credits may be used to fulfill requirements in the Political Science or Public Policy major or minor.  Offered only in the spring semester, both internships provide a stipend.

To apply: Applications for UNI 391 and UNI 392 can be picked up in LC-30.  Please note that in addition to the application there are other forms the University at Albany requires you fill out in order to apply and receive credit.  Also, the university deadline is earlier than the one stated on materials from the Assembly and Senate so make certain to confirm the application timeline.  If you have additional questions the on-campus liaison is Karen Acosta McNeill who can be reached at 518-422-3950

POS/PAD Internship in Public Affairs (PAD 498 or RPOS 390)
This class offers students the chance to participate in a part-time internship, and students can receive 3 credits for an internship through either POS/PAD.  In order to successfully receive credit for this course one must work a minimum of 140 hours, attend all class sessions, and complete all coursework.  This class is offered both in both the fall and spring semesters.

To apply: Turn in completed Internship Placement Contract with your supervisor’s signature.  You should contact the Undergraduate Internship Coordinator to hand in the form.  Once you have turned in completed materials, you will receive a permission number via email.