Class Assignment Results in Four Student Publications on JPHMP Direct

Rockefeller College Associate Professor Erika Martin tasked her Spring 2018 Health and Human Rights undergraduate honors class with an assignment to write a 1,000 to 1,200-word commentary on a health-related topic of interest, explaining some of the complexities of solving the problem and offering recommendations. As a result, four of her students’ pieces were selected through stringent editorial review and accepted for publication at JPHMP Direct -- the companion website to the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice and an important resource for public health practitioners.

Honors students Alexa Brooks, Jayda Melnitsky, Harshal Shet, and Gina Tan had their exceptional work featured on the site with staggered release dates. Gina's piece on intimate partner violence was released in July; Harshal's post about vaccine awareness was posted in August during National Immunization Awareness Month; Jayda's piece about community resilience was released in September during National Preparedness Month; and Alexa’s commentary on advanced directives was also posted in September alongside an event for caregivers.

The students’ pieces can be accessed below as well as Dr. Erika Martin’s overview of the assignment, which was also featured on JPHMP Direct.