University at Albany
Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson, MPA ‘87, PhD ‘93

Distinguished Alumna Award
in Public Administration & Policy

Associate Professor Indiana University at Bloomington, School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Craig Johnson is an Associate Professor at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University, Bloomington, and Chair of the Public Finance, Budgeting, Economics and Policy Analysis Faculty Group.  His professional research and teaching interests include capital markets and financial intermediation, financial management, public budgeting and finance, economic development, e-government finance and fiscal institutions.

Professor Johnson’s current research focuses on the municipal securities market, especially innovative financing structures, financial intermediaries, fiscal institutions and government financial condition. He has written and presented widely on managing the finances of government and co-edited the book Tax Increment Finance and Economic Development: Uses, Structure and Impact. His work has been published in the Municipal Finance Journal, Public Administration Review, Electronic Commerce and Research Applications, Public Budgeting and Finance, and The Journal of Urban Affairs. His writings include “The Impact of Three Credit Ratings on Interest Cost: An Examination of State Government Bonds,” “Electronic Funds and Benefits Transfers, E-Government, and the Winter Commission,” “A Framework for Pricing Government E-Services,” “Fiscal Institutions, Credit Ratings and Borrowing Costs,” and “The Rise and Fall of Eastside Community Investments, Inc.: The Life of an Extraordinary Community Development Corporation.”

Dr. Johnson is currently an elected member of the Indiana University Athletics Committee and chair of the finance subcommittee.  Formerly Director of the Hudson-Holland Scholarship Program at Indiana University, 1999-2002, and a member of the faculty at the State University of New York at Albany from 1991-1992, Professor Johnson’s professional experience also includes working in New York State government for the Assembly, 1987-1988, and Division of the Budget, 1986-1987.

Throughout his career, Craig Johnson has received numerous awards, honors, and certifications. He was a Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Fellow, 1999-2000, a recipient of the Teaching Excellence Recognition Award from Indiana University in 1998 and 1999, and, in both 1998 and 2002, received Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award.  He is a recipient of the Dr. Seth Spellman Academic Achievement Award from the University at Albany, State University of New York, 1988-1990.

Professor Johnson holds a PhD and master’s in public administration from the University at Albany.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University, graduated magna cum laude, ranked number one in his class and was named to the National Who’s Who Exceptional Achievement Dean’s List.  He was valedictorian of the class of 1982 at Hartnell College where he received his associate’s degree.