9/11 10 Years Later: Navigating the Post-9/11 World

On Tues, Sept 6, 2011 at 3:30 PM "Christian Speedling" wrote:

I was a sophomore at SUNY Brockport asleep in my bed when I got a call from my girlfriend telling me a plane had hit the WTC. At the time I figured it was a small plane that was lost or had lost control and thought the buildings were so massive that this was not a huge deal. She seemed really shaken up about it so I turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane hit. That's when I knew this was no accident and that severe damage would be done to the buildings.

For a couple hours at least, my roommates and I (six of us in total) were watching and wondering how the FDNY would fight a fire so high in the air. We had conversations about the logistics of fire hoses and ladders, emergency action plans and first responders, never thinking that the towers would fall.

I had recently been to a christening in NYC and had stayed at the WTC Marriott right in-between the towers. We had taken the long elevator ride to the top and looked out on all of NYC from the highest point in the city. It was an awe-inspiring sight. The buildings just seemed so huge and so strong, the thought of them coming down was just impossible to fathom....until it happened.

Watching the buildings burn and then watching the first tower fall was completely unbelievable. Since the news-feeds were live, the anchormen didn't seem to know what had happened either. If memory serves, the building was gone but from the top there was a massive amount of dust and smoke that almost took the shape of the building and so masked the fact that indeed, the tower was gone. I remember my roommate saying, "I think the tower just fell", and all of us just sitting, watching, staring, in complete and utter disbelief of what was happening.

The watching and staring continued for hours, days, weeks, and ultimately years as the fallout from that day continues to this day and beyond.

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