RNA Flagship Courses

RNA Science in Health and Disease

The training program has developed a curriculum based on the national need for interdisciplinary trianing, in the general area of RNA in Health and Disease, and to prepare students for jobs in academia, industry, government, communication and elsewhere.

In RNA in Development, Disease and Therapeutics (HBMS692), students will be introduced to the diversity of RNA molecules and their functions, and the therapeutic potential of RNA.

In Physical and Chemical Principles in RNA Biology (BIO619), students will learn about common RNA techniques, experience application of these techniques in journal club discussions and get to use computer programs to process data or visualize molecules.

In Rigor and Reproducibility (BIO515A), students will learn basic statistical approaches and data analysis methods to design high quality experiments and interpret and report data with confidence.

The courses ususally meet twice a week over a 13-week period for 110 minute per clas for a total of ~48 contact hours per semester.