Fellows 2018-2019

The University at Albany announces the fourth cohort of RNA Fellows for the Ph.D. training program in RNA science. The office of Graduate Education in collaboration with Departments of Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and Chemistry provide the resources to train exceptional students in RNA Science relating to health and disease, in collaboration with the RNA Institute. These fellows will take an RNA-centric curriculum of courses and colloquia. They will also have the option to collaborate with the School of Business and the Writers Institute, to gain experience in entrepreneurship and science writing, respectively.  We are happy to announce our fourth cohort of trainees who will start in the training program beginning this fall.

  • Waqas Awan


    Mentor: Alan Chen

    Project: Exploring the Sugar Conformations of 2'-5' Linked RNA via Computer Simulation

  • Deniece Brown


    Mentor: Cara T. Pager

    Project: The Role of RNA Decay Pathways in Zika Virus Infection

  • Haley Caldwell


    Mentor: Alexander Ciota

    Project: Characterizing the Role and Mechanism of the Flavivirus Replication Complex in Virus-host Interactions

  • Serene Durham


    Mentor: Morgan Sammons

    Project: Evolution of DNA Damage-dependent RNA Regulatory Networks

  • Samantha Ingenito


    Mentor: TBA

    Project: TBD

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