Ye Ding

  • Ye Ding


    Dr. Ding’s laboratory focuses on development of algorithms, software and database tools for the prediction of RNA secondary structure and their applications to studies of the regulatory functions for diverse classes of ncRNAs. Dr. Ding is the developer of the widely used Sfold software ( The fundamental algorithmic ideas for Sfold have been adopted by others for different problems in computational biology, and for teaching of bioinformatics and biochemistry. Dr. Ding’s lab is committed to the continuing development of the Sfold web server for making these tools freely available to scientists around the world. In addition, Dr. Ding collaborates with experimental scientists to test and validate computational predictions for accelerated discoveries in the field of ncRNA biology. Current lab research interests include: (i) software and database tools for prediction of microRNA binding sites and sharing big data (>1TB/species) of transcriptome scale predictions; (ii) elucidation of microRNA-mediated regulation of cancer genes; (iii) the development of computational tools for the identification of regulatory targets for bacterial small RNAs (sRNAS); and (iv) microRNAs and genetic variant-associated cancer and other human diseases.