Rabi Musah

  • Rabi Musah


    A major interest of Dr. Musah’s laborotary is to understand the interaction of retroviral nucleocapsid proteins with nucleic acids. As the recognition by nucleocapsid proteins of viral RNA is essential to viral packaging, one of the goals of the Musah lab is to design, using the tools of molecular modeling and organic synthesis, molecules that will interrupt nucleocapsid protein/RNA binding interactions that are essential to the viral replication cycle. In so doing, important information can be gleaned about (i) the structural basis of the specificity that retroviral zinc fingers have for specific RNA and DNA sequences; (ii) the relevance of sulfur coordination to zinc in the zinc fingers of retroviral nucleocapsid proteins to nucleic acid binding; and (iii) leads with therapeutic potential that can be used to treat retroviral infections.