JoEllen Welsh

  • JoEllen Welsh


    Dr. Welsh‘s laboratory focuses on steroid hormone signaling and cancer. Specifically, the group studies nuclear receptors and their regulation by dietary-derived and endogenous ligands in relation to breast cancer. Dr. Welsh is known for her studies of vitamin D and the vitamin D receptor (VDR) in breast, prostate and skin cancer. The VDR primarily functions as a ligand dependent transcription factor and the lab has characterized the impact of VDR on RNA and miRNA expression profiles in relation to cancer treatment and prevention. The Welsh group has expertise with in vitro cellular models of cancer initiation and progression as well as cellular and molecular biological approaches (including genomic profiling and metabolomics). The team also utilizes animal models of cancer including xenograft approaches, chemically induced carcinogenesis and genetically engineered models. The lab also maintains several unique engineered mouse colonies with disrupted vitamin D signaling and has expertise in designing and implementing dietary intervention studies in mice. Dr. Welsh is currently collaborating with Dr. Tenniswood on studies on vitamin D regulation of miRNAs in prostate cancer, with Dr. Conklin on the NR1D1 nuclear receptor and diet-induced obesity in breast cancer and with Dr. Shi on therapeutic RNA aptamers for breast cancer.