Revocable Permit

Conditions for the Occasional Use of University at Albany Facilities by Non-Commercial Entities

University at Albany Facilities are available for rental to external non-profit organizations. In order to rent a space for short term use, the University will issue a Revocable Permit. Instructions and application materials are available via a link on the left hand side of this page. State University guidelines generally prohibit the University from providing space to commercial organizations.

If you are a group or individual who wants to use the University at Albany campus for free speech purposes, please visit our Public Forum policy and procedures page.

Minors on Campus

  • The University has a Child Protection policy in place that mandates that all adults staffing a covered activity receive training in the policy, which includes recognizing and reporting suspected abuse.
  • Please pay special attention to the revised instructions on the Revocable Permit - there is now a separate permit application for events where minors will be on campus for a Covered Activity.
  • A Covered Activity is a program or activity sponsored or approved by the University or a University-affiliated organization, or an activity conducted by a vendor, licensee or permittee for which a license or permit for use of University facilities has been approved, occurring on or off campus, for the duration of which the responsibility for custody, control and supervision of children is vested in the University, University-affiliated organization or the vendor, licensee or permittee so approved. This policy is not applicable to university on-campus child care centers.
  • Any event where minors will be in the custody of a parent or legal guardian is not a Covered Activity.

Facility Availability

  • Visit our Events Management System page to learn more about available spaces on the UAlbany campuses and to book the appropriate facility for your event online!

Facility Rental Fees

  • Campus venues set their own rental rates.
  • Please contact the facility manager of the space you are interested in for information on current rates. For planning purposes consult the venue pricing guide.

5K Route

  • Please contact Campus Recreation regarding use of the 5k route.
  • The 5k route is open to outside organizations from the weekend following Spring Commencement through the week before students move in for the fall semester.
  • Campus groups may reserve the 5k route from April 15 through October 15, weather permitting.
  • Event holders must provide portable restroom facilities for their participants.
  • We regret that we are unable to provide an interior facility for fundraising event money handling.

Please Note:

  • All revocable permits are processes by the Office of Facilities Management and reviewed and approved by the Associate Vice President for Risk Management and Compliance.
  • Revocable permits will only be considered if all accompanying documents, including the certificate of insurance, are included with the application.
  • It is your responsibility to follow up to make sure that ll materials have been received by the Office of Facilities Management.
  • Facilities reservations will not be confirmed until a revocable permit has been issued, events may not be advertised until you have received a copy of the executed permit.