Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy - RISE 2019 Conference

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Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Procedure Statement for the RISE 2019 Conference

University at Albany, as the host and the venue of the RISE 2019 Conference, is committed to fostering a diverse and harassment-free community of faculty, staff, and students, and the rest of the university community, including but not limited to vendors, visitors, and guests. For this RISE 2019 National Conference, we are also dedicated to carrying out the policy below throughout the whole conference.

Sex discrimination includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment, non-gender or non-sex-based harassment, sexual violence, and sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and cyber-stalking. The University at Albany and the RISE 2019 Conference Steering Committee will take steps to prevent discrimination and harassment, to prevent the recurrence of discrimination and harassment, and to remedy its discriminatory effects on the victim(s) and others, if appropriate. This Anti-Harassment Policy provides a mechanism through which the University and the RISE 2019 Conference Steering Committee may identify, respond to, and prevent incidents of illegal discrimination. The University and the RISE 2019 Conference Steering Committee and the RISE 2019 Conference Steering Committee recognize and accept their responsibility in this regard and believes that the establishment of this internal, non-adversarial grievance process will benefit the whole university community, including all RISE 2019 Conference attendees, permitting investigation and resolution of problems without resorting to the frequently expensive and time-consuming procedures of state and federal enforcement agencies or courts.

Policy Dissemination:

The Anti-Harassment Policy at the RISE 2019 Conference will be distributed to the conference attendees two weeks before the conference via email. On the first day of the RISE 2019 Conference, the attendees will receive a package which includes their conference program book, certificate of participation, other promotional materials, along with a copy of the Anti-Harassment Policy.

The policy will also be posted on our website: Click Here to See.